Benefits of Membership

IRIS offers a university membership model much like that of National Public Radio.

IRIS member universities receive:

  • Campus-level reports based on their data (detailed below)
  • A seat at the table to help prioritize and design future products and initiatives
  • Access to de-identified and aggregate IRIS data for researchers on their campus

IRIS member universities provide:

  • Annual feeds of their administrative data
  • A yearly financial contribution to support IRIS infrastructure

IRIS also provides member research institutions with comprehensive university-specific reports on research expenditures and outcomes, and will work with members to develop additional products such as more detailed reports, or interactive data presentations such as web-based dashboards.


Reports Highlight Impacts of Research Investments

Each participating institution receives regular reports that highlight the local, state and national effects of their research spending. Those reports feature analyses, maps, and tables, including:

  • Direct and indirect cost expenditures on federal research awards, in total and by agency
  • Counts of all staff who are supported on federal research projects, including faculty, staff, scientists, students, and clinicians, in total and by agency
  • Tabular analyses of vendor and sub-award expenditures on federal research projects, by agency, industry category and county
  • Benchmarks relative to aggregate data from all participating CIC institutions

As IRIS researchers develop new findings from ongoing research, the Institute will work with participating research institutions to develop additional products. Product development will proceed in close interaction with representatives drawn from the Senior Research Officers and Government Relations Officers of member institutions.

The cost of research will be defrayed by external grants from federal sources and others. Development costs may require further commitments from IRIS members, or access to newly developed data products may involve additional charges. The final pricing schedule for these reports will be informed by the associated research, development, and production costs in conjunction with the recommendations and approval of the IRIS governing board.




Help lead the public discussion about research and its value to enable evidence-based decision-making.


Each participating institution receives regular reports that highlight the local, state and national effects of their research spending.


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