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The Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) is designed to transform the successful UMETRICS initiative (Universities: Measuring the Impacts of Research on Innovation, Competitiveness and Science) developed by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation into a permanent national resource by creating a secure professional data platform for the research community and university administrators.

The campus-level and aggregate reports that IRIS produces include information on student, staff, postdoctoral, and faculty employment on federal grants and contracts; maps and other characterizations of vendor spending patterns; and scenarios suggesting the potential impact that federal sequestration might have on university research employment and the bottom line of companies that supply academic researchers.

IRIS members have made effective use of similar information in conversations with state legislatures and national representatives to help drive decision-making on key issues.


Aggregate Data Provides Insights of National Scope

Generated with UMETRICS data from nine universities, the 2015 Connected CIC Report describes how Federal research expenditures support purchases of goods and services both in-state and across eight CIC home states. Over two years, 45% of research-related expenditures at the nine universities were made in eight CIC university home states. The report also describes how research funds support over 70,000 employees in eight CIC states, 46% of whom are students. The methods report describes both the data source and techniques used to generate these analyses.

The 2013 aggregate CIC report was generated with data from eight universities and describes the types of university employees supported by federal research awards as well as the national spread and scope of federal dollars spent purchasing goods and services for research. It offered an early example of the sorts of aggregate data products that can be produced with IRIS data.

Individual Campus Reports Support Advocacy and Outreach

Campus-level reports constructed from an individual university’s data provide resources for use in research reports, as well as presentations to the public and other stakeholders. In addition, routine reports from IRIS data improve administrators’ knowledge about the size and composition of the research workforce on campus, the portfolio of federally funded research, and the distribution of people supported by different funders. Future products that integrate information from data linkages made by the U.S. Census Bureau will provide compelling and comprehensive information about the career outcomes of research-trained students, the regional and national economic effects of vendor spending, and entrepreneurship by students, faculty, and staff.

Specific campus-level reports are considered protected data for the participating member universities and are accessible only through the Member Portal.


Products in Development

Reports on business outcomes:

  • Productivity and growth of businesses associated with research expenditures
  • Industry and geographic location of firms started by employees on research grants

Reports on graduate student and postdoc outcomes (in conjunction with federal statistical agencies):

  • Job placement by geography (local, state and national)
  • Job placement by type of firm (industry, academia, government)
  • Starting earnings

Reports on research workforce and vendor expenditures by research area (for example, nano-science or dementia):

  • Counts of all staff supported in specific area
  • Descriptions of the patents granted to all employees supported in a particular research area—including staff scientists, students and technicians

“My congressional representative asked me about output measures of Ohio State research.  Was that research making an impact and how did we measure it? I showed him IRIS data on the economic impact of federally sponsored research. This was exactly the type of data he wanted, showing both short-term and long-term gains from research.  I find the IRIS data increasingly useful for discussions about the value of research.”

Caroline C. Whitacre

VP for Research, Ohio State University

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