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Research Using IRIS Data

IRIS data are useful for analyzing the social and economic effects of research investments, the scientific production function, the career outcomes and earnings of doctoral students and trainees, questions pertaining to science and engineering workforce and the STEM pipeline among many other possible topics. Work in progress by IRIS PIs provides more detailed analyses of entrepreneurial outcomes and human capital, the economic effects of research related to food safety, and the relationship between research funding and subsequent entrepreneurship for various demographic groups.

IRIS researchers will receive

  • access to IRIS data in a secure Virtual Data Enclave
  • the ability to transfer work to approved Census FSRDC projects
  • research support and training materials
  • 10 privacy/confidentiality protected disclosures per year

IRIS researchers will contribute

  • improvements to documentation and future data releases
  • citations to and copies of research papers using IRIS data
  • in the future a seat fee may be required for researchers not affiliated with IRIS member universities


About IRIS Data Release

The first annual IRIS data release in 2017 was based on our third quarter 2016 Census data transfer. This transaction level dataset includes information on awards, wage payments from awards to university research employees, vendor purchases, subcontracts, and the unit performing the funded research for 19 universities collectively representing approximately 30% of university-based R&D expenditures.

This initial IRIS data release (UMETRICS 2016Q3a) includes transactions from 176,971 federal and non-federal awards including wage payments to 341,021 individuals as well as transactions totaling $18.1 billion to vendors and an additional $6 billion in subcontracts to other research performers. We integrate this information with detailed data on federal awards. IRIS Data linkages to U.S. Census Bureau data became available in early May 2017 in the Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDCs).


2017 Data Release Files

IRIS released its first de-identified dataset for research. This dataset (UMETRICS 2016Q3a) is comprised of two collections. The first collection includes core files in which researchers find university financial and personnel administrative data pertaining to sponsored project expenditures at IRIS member universities during a given year. In addition to core files, we released crosswalk files linking UMETRICS 2016Q3a to external datasets (e.g., publication and federal award data) at the individual and award level. Some files in this data collection have special restrictions.

Files in This Collection

Access Note: Some files in this collection have special restrictions. You can apply for access to the restricted-use documentation and data.

Summary Documentation for UMETRICS 2016Q3a Dataset

Full Documentation for UMETRICS 2016Q3a Dataset

UMETRICS 2016Q3a Core Files

UMETRICS 2016Q3a Crosswalk Files

Data Dictionary

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