As public research universities and their partners from the business community establish such mutually beneficial collaborations, they also need to work together to communicate the powerful and positive impact such programs have on individual students and companies, as well as on regional and national economies as shown for eight public research universities in [IRIS report map]” 

Recommitting to Lincoln’s Vision: An Educational Compact for the 21st Century

This Lincoln Project final report recommends new strategies to help public research universities respond to changing societal, economic, and financial pressures. It offers a series of recommendations to help sustain and strengthen public research universities over the long-term and focuses on three specific strategic directions:

  1. Renewed state support, new cost efficiencies, and additional revenue streams to help public research universities respond to financial challenges;
  2. New public-private partnerships to sustain and strengthen research and education for the future; and
  3. A continuing effort to improve the ways public research universities serve individual students.

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The 21st-Century Public Research University

Inside Higher Ed’s Ellen Wexler writes about how the Lincoln Project final “report offers suggestions for how public research universities can thrive at a time of declining state support and increasing accountability.”

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