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IRIS Reports & Products

IRIS is a national consortium of research institutions focused on creating new, independent statistical evidence about the economic impact of research. Our reports help member institutions document the economic impact of their investments in scientific research, manage their research portfolios, and inform outreach to federal and state stakeholders. 

Spending Report

This report provides details on employment and spending patterns for university-based sponsored research projects.

Vendor Profile Report

To capture the economic impact of university research, this report provides data on the vendors that provide research-related goods and services.

Legislative Reports

Meant to show lawmakers and their staffs the impact of research, these reports break down research-related spending and activity by legislative district.

Employee Report

This report tracks the career paths, including earnings, of research-funded employees after they leave a member university.

The IRIS Impact Finder

Designed to help communicators find potentially interesting research-related stories, this map-based tool shows research vendor activity across a university’s home state.

KL2 Impact Report

An IRIS pilot projects uses data from the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program to track the career funding progressions of grant awardees.

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