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IRIS is a national consortium of research institutions focused on creating new, independent statistical evidence about the economic impact of research. Our reports help member institutions document the economic impact of their investments in scientific research, manage their research portfolios, and inform outreach to federal and state stakeholders. 

  • VENDOR PROFILE REPORT: measuring the economic development impacts of sponsored research
  • EMPLOYEE REPORT: tracking the careers of research-funded employees
  • SPENDING REPORT: showing the spending and employment patterns of sponsored research
  • LEGISLATIVE REPORTS: viewing research spending by legislative district
  • IMPACT FINDER: map-based browser for finding stories of research impact
  • KL2 IMPACT REPORT: tracking the career progression of research scientists
This report shows the number, locations, and ownership of vendors providing goods and services purchased with research dollars. The IRIS Vendor Profile Report contains information on the amount of research funding spent with vendors owned by women and minorities, and classified as small businesses. The report also details which industries benefit from research contracts, including information on average wages and company size compared to the national average. University-specific reports are available to member institutions. For more on this report, view a recent webinar by IRIS Executive Director Jason Owen-Smith at An example report can be viewed below containing data aggregated from all IRIS member institutions. Please allow a few moments for the report to load.
This report presents information on the employment and earnings of research-trained employees, allowing tracking of the flow of people from IRIS member institutions into the economy. The IRIS Employee Profile Report displays the geographic locations in which research-trained employees of a particular university find work, the employment sectors in which they find work after leaving a university, and their earnings. Institution-specific versions are available to IRIS members. The example below aggregates data from all IRIS members. (Please allow a few moments for the report to load.)  

Focusing on sponsored research spending for each member institution, this report details individuals paid on research funds, highlights the funders that provide the support, and shows national and regional distribution of research spending.

The IRIS Spending Report shows individuals paid by research grants, from faculty, staff and administrators to graduate and undergraduate students and employment patterns of federal research awards. The full version of this report, available to IRIS members, also contains maps showing the distribution of research spending to vendors by county and congressional district, and benchmarking information.

An example report can be viewed below — please allow a few moments for the report to load.

Our legislative fact sheets break out university research spending and its impact on local economies and communities by legislative district. These reports are meant to help with communications with state and federal lawmakers in discussions around the economic impact of research investments.
The Congressional District Detail Report includes information on the number of higher education employees and students are in each congressional district, as well as the businesses that provide research-related goods and services.

The Impact Finder is a map-based browsing tool that shows research-related vendors and sub-contractors across member institutions' home states. The information can be sorted by funding agency, county, keyword, and other variables. The tool is used by communications professionals to identify potentially interesting research stories to meet their outreach goals.


Our CTSA pilot project uses data from the Clinical and Translational Science Awards program to track the career funding progressions of grant awardees.

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