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“A Quasi-experimental Evaluation of a Clinical Research Training Program,” a paper that uses the IRIS UMETRICS dataset, was recently published in the journal Performance Improvement Quarterly.

Authors: Elias Samuels, Phillip A. Ianni, Brenda Eakin, Ellen Champagne, Vicki Ellingrod, University of Michigan

Abstract: There is a growing need for research training programs that can accelerate the careers of clinical and translational scientists. The Clinical and Translational Science Award KL2 Scholars programs funded by the National Institutes of Health support the research and training of junior faculty advancing towards independent research careers. This study evaluates the impact of KL2 funding on participants’ subsequent receipt of a Research Project Grant (R01) award, which represent a commonly referenced milestone of progress faculty make towards independence. Propensity score matching was used to compare the number of months KL2 scholars took to receive an R01 award with that of an equivalent group of early career faculty who did not receive KL2 funding. Although the participants in the KL2 Scholars Program who received an R01 award did so sooner than those in similar programs, more rigorous and longitudinal evaluations are needed to measure the impact of these programs on faculty careers considered overall.