“Federal research grant money flows primarily to universities, and they in turn spend billions to buy equipment and services from local companies. Economist Bruce Weinberg and colleagues at Ohio State University looked at what happened to federal research dollars that flowed to nine major Midwestern universities.”

NPR Health Shots article cites IRIS PI study

The 2014 Science article Science Funding and Short-Term Economic Activity is cited in the NPR Health Shots article about the potential negative impact of the Trump administration’s proposed budget which cuts biomedical research and public health spending.  The proposed NIH budget cuts $5.8 billion, which is a 20% reduction, and would effect federal research grant money flowing primarily to universities.   The IRIS data study authored by PIs Bruce Weinberg, Jason Owen-Smith, Barbara McFadden Allen, Julia Lane and others shows that in addition to funding research personnel, a significant portion of research funding received by universities is spent on  goods and services in the US.

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