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2024 Data Release

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New Features

IRIS member universities represent 103 campuses across the country. IRIS members submit data on purchasing, human resources, and grant administration, which form the bases for the IRIS-UMETRICS dataset. The most recent release of the dataset contains data on 580,000 funded awards worth $192 billion, payments to more than 1.2 million vendors ($35 billion), and wages to approximately 985,000 employees.

Highlights of the 2024 IRIS-UMETRICS research dataset include:

  1. Nine new universities joined IRIS and expanded our data on purchasing, human resources, and grant administration to over 100 campuses
  2. Standardized sub-organization unit and department-level affiliation information on principal investigators
  3. North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) information (core, primary and secondary code) included in vendor and subaward recipient entities
  4. Improved quality of UMETRICS vendor and subaward files by disambiguating organization entities
  5. Improved quality of imputation on gender, ethnicity, and race variables through applying an LLM (DeBERTa) prediction model
  6. Improved quality of occupational classification, using information embedded in UMETRICS employee job titles to develop staff and faculty functional roles
  7. Improved quality of object code (expense category) classification through a machine learning method and category revisions
  8. Improved quality of funding source data by the cleaning, standardizing, and disambiguating of names of entities with a particular focus on federal agencies, foundations, and non-profit organizations, now using an external data source (IRS 990) to supplement Candid’s Foundation Directory
  9. Improved quality of data on grants funded by NIH, NSF, USDA, NASA, DOE, and DOD through new integration of Digital Science’s Dimensions.
  10. Improved quality of award-level linkage between UMETRICS and federal agency data, thanks to IRIS member universities providing increased detail on sponsored awards
  11. Improved quality of the Principal Investigator (PI) linkage between UMETRICS and federal agency award data due to more accurate validation of matches through the timing of awards and payment transactions in UMETRICS
  12. Selected agency funded publication records provided and linked to UMETRICS award data
  13. Increased code availability to researchers in the IRIS VDE for reproducibility

Additionally, forthcoming supplements to this release include:

  1. Research teams and team composition files using both award- and Principal Investigator (PI)-level linkage product
  2. Updated linkage between UMETRICS and the USPTO data at both patent assignee and patent inventor levels
  3. New linkage using publication data available from the Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph at the author-level with disambiguated author names
Summary of 2020 data release

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