As part of its bylaws, IRIS recently established a Policy and Outreach Committee (POC) that will serve as a nexus of communication between IRIS, its members, and a broad stakeholder community emphasizing the value of IRIS and its products and developing best practices for outreach, governance, and engagement. Beginning with a rich discussion at the 2018 IRIS Data Summit and a subsequent conference call, a group of individuals came together to develop a charge for the POC, which includes the following:

  • Develop mechanisms to streamline the membership process
  • Offer guidance on marketing IRIS to universities broadly, as well as internally on a campus
  • Generate best practices and use cases for data, reporting, and advocacy
  • Expand communities of support among members at all levels
  • Help connect IRIS to relevant groups such as FDP, AAU-CFR, and COGR
  • Aid in the translation of new research findings for various IRIS stakeholders
  • Provide guidance to the IRIS Executive Director and Board on issues pertaining to the use of data and reports
  • Contribute to planning of future IRIS Summits with an emphasis on expanding stakeholder participation
  • Promote examples of IRIS being used to inform inclusive innovation and economic development

The POC has determined that a quarterly call and one face-to-face meeting at the annual IRIS Summit seems the right cadence to meet this charge and that participation in the conversations is driven by interest and availability, with the option to opt out as appropriate. Current POC membership is listed below; if you are interested in joining the group, please contact Nancy Calvin-Naylor at


Founding IRIS Policy and Outreach Committee Members (2019)

Warren BrownCornell University
Kimberlee Eberle-SudreAAU
John GonzalezUniversity of Michigan
Richard GreeleyUniversity of Michigan
Kimberly GriffinNorthwestern University
Mike HollandUniversity of Pittsburgh
Nick MangnallWashington University in St. Louis
Lucas MarxenRutgers University
Jessica PaoliniRutgers University
Kristen de PaorUniversity of Pittsburgh
Marvin ParnesUniversity of Michigan
Sarah RovitoAPLU
Elias SamuelsUniversity of Michigan
Jim TaylorPennsylvania State University
Bruce WeinbergOhio State University
Jim WoodellConsultant