The results of a pilot to link administrative data (the IRIS UMETRICS data set) with survey data (the Survey of Earned Doctorates) in order to better describe the doctoral workforce is available online now from Research Policy. (DOI: The IRIS UMETRICS dataset provided a unique source to augment data available through the annual Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), which gathers information from approximately 50,000 new research doctorate graduates from U.S. universities and is one of the most important datasets about the doctoral workforce in the United States. As the authors note, “Nationally representative surveys of doctoral recipients do not capture information about sources of federal funds for graduate education. No individual agency, looking at its own data, can document how many doctoral recipients are supported by federal funds, nor can any individual university, looking at its own data, describe the national landscape.” This article summarizes the UMETRICS dataset as well as demonstrating its potential for linking with the SED and other data sources to provide important insights into the research enterprise.


Chang, W.-Y., Cheng, W., Lane, J., & Weinberg, B. (2019). Federal funding of doctoral recipients: What can be learned from linked data. Research Policy.