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IRIS Managing Director Nancy Calvin-Naylor has taken a new position in the U-M Office of the Provost, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs,

effective May 15. For the past seven years, Nancy has worked to expand the IRIS consortium and build the institutes’ administrative and technical teams.

“Working with Jason Owen-Smith and the team at IRIS has truly been transformative for me,” Nancy said. “I am in awe of the talent of the individuals who work so hard to create reports and research datasets. It has been my honor to participate in the development of the IRIS consortium and leaving is bittersweet. I am confident that IRIS will continue to grow and to play a pivotal role in the national conversation on

the impact of research and higher education.”

“Nancy has been an essential part of IRIS’ success and of the community we help to support,” said IRIS Executive Director Jason Owen-Smith. “While I will miss her day to day work to make IRIS the very best it can be, I am excited for her as she embarks on her next great opportunity.”

Until a new Managing Director is hired, please contact Dan Meisler at for IRIS membership inquiries.