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Natsuko Nicholls, IRIS Research Manager
Elissa Irhamy, Data Science Specialist
Joseph Staudt, Economist, U.S. Census Bureau
Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 1-2pm ET
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IRIS will soon release the 2024 UMETRICS research dataset. This release includes information on research spending, vendor contracts and employees from more than 90 campuses across the country. It contains data on more than 580,000 sponsored research grants worth more than $192 billion, about $35 billion in payments to more than 1.2 million vendors of research-related goods and services, and wages to about 985,000 employees.

The dataset has been used by researchers in dozens of publications, in fields including finance, higher education, sociology, and the science of science policy. The dataset includes de-identified IRIS data, public elements of external datasets (e.g., grants and publications), and crosswalk files to match particular data elements (e.g., awards, awardees, research employees) across IRIS data and external datasets.

In this webinar, Natsuko Nicholls and Elissa Irhamy will give an overview of the dataset and provide information on access. Joseph Staudt, economist from the U.S. Census Bureau, will outline the variety of Census data to which the IRIS UMETRICS dataset can be linked and will share how he and a colleague used UMETRICS data to study how delays in NIH grant funding affect the career outcomes of research personnel.

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