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IRIS UMETRICS Object Code Classification 2022

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IRIS UMETRICS Object Code Classification


Zhang, Z., Nicholls, N., VanEseltine, M., Brown, C., and Owen-Smith, J. IRIS UMETRICS Object Code Classification. Ann Arbor, MI: The Institute for Research on Innovation & Science [distributor & publisher], 2022-11-1 doi: 10.21987/v9zp-c742


Zhuoqi Zhang (University of Michigan)

Natsuko Nicholls (University of Michigan)

Matthew VanEseltine  (University of Michigan)

Christopher A. Brown (University of Michigan)

Jason D. Owen-Smith (University of Michigan)

Publisher & Distributor 

Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS)

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This documentation provides researchers with details about the recently completed object code classification project and its product which supplements the IRIS UMETRICS 2022 release dataset. IRIS receives administrative data on research spending and the purposes of spending associated with funded research projects. As part of data submission to IRIS, universities share object codes (these are often interchangeably used with “spend categories” or “expense categories”) and corresponding descriptions. IRIS has cleaned, processed, and standardized these object code descriptions through a two-tier classification system, with the first tier consisting of nine general object categorizations; the second tier is a dis-aggregate of those general categories. This documentation is publicly available.


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