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2020 Data Release

IRIS UMETRICS 2020 Linkage Files

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Principal Investigator(s)

  • Ron Jarmin (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Julia Lane (New York University)
  • Jason Owen-Smith (University of Michigan)
  • Bruce Weinberg (Ohio State University / National Bureau of Economic Research)


IRIS UMETRICS 2020 Linkage Files


The Institute for Research on Innovation & Science (IRIS). IRIS UMETRICS 2020 Data Release: Linkage Files. Ann Arbor, MI: IRIS [distributor], 2020-04-01, doi: 10.21987/70kd-x544


Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS)


  • IRIS member institutions
  • Data Manager(s), Curator(s), and Distributor(s):
    • IRIS has served as a data manager, curator, and distributor in this round of data release
    • IRIS has prepared the IRIS UMETRICS 2020 dataset for distribution for research purposes

Mode of Data Collection

  • IRIS Principal Investigators (PIs) were not involved in primary data collection, which was initially carried out by each IRIS member university as part of its administrative functions. Thirty-three (33) member universities are represented in the 2020 dataset:
    • Boston University
    • Emory University
    • Johns Hopkins University
    • Indiana University
    • Michigan State University
    • New York University
    • Northwestern University
    • Ohio State University
    • Oregon State University
    • Pennsylvania State University
    • Princeton University
    • Purdue University
    • Rutgers University
    • Stony Brook University
    • Texas A&M University
    • University of Arizona
    • University of California – San Diego
    • University of Cincinnati
    • University of Colorado-Boulder
    • University of Hawaii
    • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • University of Iowa
    • University of Kansas
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Missouri
    • University of Oregon
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • University of Pittsburgh
    • University of Texas – Austin
    • University of Utah
    • University of Virginia
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Washington University in St. Louis


Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS)

Publication Year


Resource Type


File Name and Size

  • NIH-UMETRICS Award Crosswalk: 3,990 KB
  • NSF-UMETRICS Award Crosswalk: 1,285 KB
  • NIH Publication-UMETRICS Crosswalk: 169,995 KB
  • NIH Award Details: 5,745,798 KB
  • NSF Award Details: 606,513 KB
  • NIH Publication Details: 541,693 KB
  • Team Leader Award Year: 40,170 KB
  • Team Leader Member Year: 356,877 KB

File Type

Tables or Views in a relational database; csv files also available in the Virtual Data Enclave.

Dataset Description

The IRIS UMETRICS 2020 Data Release linkage files include crosswalks between IRIS data and external datasets (e.g., federal award and publication data) at the award level. The improved award match rate (in both NSF and NIH award linkage) reflects our continuous effort to minimize false positives and false negatives. As indicated above, we expanded award linkage from award to individual level this year by linking UMETRICS employee name and NSF / NIH Primary Investigator (PI) names. Based on individual name matching, we developed two team-focused data files that can be useful in addressing research questions concerning team characteristics (such as diversity) and their impact on research performance and productivity if team files are linked to Core files.

Access Notes

Access restricted; please apply for access to the restricted-use data.

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